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Thursday, May 11th


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Why you 95 point seven New Orleans only classic rock. Good morning to John Oster when morning show like Cuba the most ordinary man in New Orleans. I am a mark for. Midnight may actually drew strikes again. Struck a few hours ago. Number two. Of the four. Deemed under shoots by him. Shaken down home. Three to four hours ago it's still in a process of being off. A taken down over there. I'm New York corner of a canal in Jefferson Davis boulevard all of that street probably shouldn't be named Jefferson Davis boulevard more than gonna parkway. I'm sergeant and there's part where they bigger probably have to change your name and archery. Home. To something like you maple something innocuous well your fitted by maple trees that's not gonna work. So that's. Monument number two I would just say quickly that if your commute to work picture around that area go a different way. Because they've got is a street car messed up down in that area that got bus line's messed up they've got. Closures. Right there where it came down so just I would senators are trying to clear tonic cops over the another forty to fifty new Orleans police officers over there. Great way to spread our resources. The murder capital of the United States is normally we always go back and forth with the south side Chicago. But I've you've been paying attention to statistics were number one in that regard now so I got such a got a great huge. Of fifteen new Orleans police officers. Taxpayer money taxpayer paid. As John Mitchell measured midnight Mitch. Strikes again in the failed mayor of the city of Norwood in his eighth and final year. Under his watch. Major crimes up over 30%. On his watch in the last year are murders are all. 50% in the last. 365. Days. We are Ford Five Hundred cut short. In the city of New Orleans and that's because Rome. Midnight mission out Moon Landrieu. I has done nothing about that when he first came in about eight years ago one of the first things he did she fired about 500 cups. I remember when that happened. I I didn't have a a big issue with a daggers I figure don't a year or show he'd have them replace. But he never he never did that. The fact he and eight years he never did much of anything. Besides dead of violent crime in the major crimes or through the roof. All crimes went through the roof. Bush reaches the sidewalks in the city of New Orleans are Third World country like. It did he did he get new businesses to move your look look at some of the historic buildings. You got to municipal auditorium are still locked up it's it's basically New Orleans biggest crack house. Today but they went in and cleaned it out with all those who was called Leo waiters and the homeless people sleeping in there and any locked and off sluggish he did debt. He's been shuttered for years for decades overtaking him. He's done nothing in eight years I've direct. The only good thing about public education in this city of New Orleans. Is that charter schools have taken over and because charter schools have taken over. Worsening of the students elementary junior high and high school. We're sure we're seeing the student's grade point average grow up we're seeing the public schools students the pork did you New Orleans or seeing them do better academically. Only because it charter schools. And rich manager. Was it shorter school if there are the rich. We jets still have the same public schools. With this game. Public school teacher unions the same failed model that we had before Katrina. You Merrill almost two full terms two years ago when he realized. I have done nothing. There's nothing on my resume that people could point to that can check what here's what Mitchell anchor it has merit Orleans he did Dave BC DE. The crimes or bullish treat horrible education that the one thing that easy catches for one reason why the public education went through the roof. There's a New Orleans he's done Baltic. Thought his way out he's taken to a self point. What are people to say about Mitchell ledger would what are they gonna say about me what I believe is mayor of the city into Warwick. I gotta do is open. So I'm sure a few of his political lefties. The ideologues. From out of town no doubt existed not compliment you January tout how many black mayors are we have in a row before Mitch wage before. And and not one of ever even thought of fish. Not one of every good thought the confederate. The statues are paid tribute to the confederate leaders. Needed to be removed. And you have they did it. Even if they did it. I do they would probably put it on the ballot made the ballot initiative questions for the voters Orleans parish or go to the polls in November. And vote on that just like we vote on raising the Milledge show regent a little but the taxes. He lives better. Be ready day. Beast as for booby. Chocolate city that confederate monument weren't a problem Morgan issue. Which Mitch Larry Drew. And does summer's political world that he had to do sharpened book cliche that he did. The clean up the sheet to clean the streets well literally and figuratively. If you make education better to keep bringing business it down to did he do what what most mayors are our elected to do well. He failed most basic political science portal one quarters as mayor keeping people safe. And keeping the screech. Manageable. Drivable people who sidewalks workable. You'll pointing portion of Sri sedition in world harvest sidewalks. And the some of the ideas to his brainy jackass. I know how clean up the crime let's big bars locked their doors in the French Quarter at 3 AM. But they're not closing bubbles of slack to people in that nobody can go what that we could go winner that would. Help is that I got laughed out of. Public opinion. He's literally a do nothing failed Lemerre. Absolutely do nothing and failed. Joy at the end of his lying what are at the end of his time he's got it usually open that people could look back at shag. What will this is what Michelin project or this is what he did. What what last night midnight Mitch strikes you get any shrinks down to us a statue of Jefferson Davis that stood there for 411. Year. Mitch knows better than you. And I don't want to hear it was the will of people because it was. He would to seek counsel and he basically. Figuratively. Public go to their head. And pretty much everybody embassy counselor Democrat he's a Democrat. Of course we're gonna listen to a and he should look you vote to take down these new shoots richest statutes. And they did the City Council by a vote of six to one. The only young person the only City Council person that should know. Was honesty she had at the time she should slowed down there we don't. And of course she was called a racial struggle a couple boy actually council members and other other. Folks Michelle. But recently. LaToya Cantrell another city councilwoman. Just flip flopped and said you know what I don't think we should take these out not she's running for mayor you may have seen those LaToya billboards. Around the city of New Orleans and when I first saw those LaToya billboards are thought LaToya Jackson had a new album. No it occurs only saves LaToya told says what they can have the black sheep rejection failures should come about. But no it was LaToya Cantrell she's running from there. She recently flip flop or vote to think she realizes. That more people in the should be. Wouldn't want these monuments taken down. And Mitch ledger keeps saying it's the will of the people know wasn't. Misled you keep saying he's doing this for more inclusive city what do you read inclusion we talk about we're 65% black. What do what do you what do you mean inclusion are and ownership that. Left wing ideology. Are racing history. That you don't like that's what Hitler and the Nazis did in Germany. Least when he took over started taking download history taken down things that he didn't like. We'll talk more about this but there's other degree to get to on the show this morning but mix and match strikes again in the middle and I. And taxpayer funded. Government probe at taxpayer money went to take is down lest I cause a public option that and still they are now and we got money to fix this I won't protect but that taxpayer funded cops are there. Help put out what is. How much does that shock it's a job Austral in morning show. Here on by 95 point job by united front porch of a New Orleans only classic rock it to John Austral in morning show. A week from Saturday. This is gonna rule it's our annual law. By U pageant board. It's one week from Saturday it's at New Orleans Harley-Davidson. Right there on airliners across the street from where the baby quick exploit baseball. It all gets thrown at noon free crawfish. Free beer for us all these flash light music. Brewster you got to beat when it starts from noon to two that everybody's going to be that cat's going to be there a big guy John Maher he's going to be their deeds he's going to be there will be empty. Our nemesis. Will be over there. It also will be qualified people to win the gorgeous Harley-Davidson sports are roadster. Will be Rick quote my people on site there but also on air here are starting Monday so be listening for that. About that a week from Saturday or Charlie gave which not only Kenya Kenya ease much free crawfish as you possibly can. Drinking is many Beers as you pause weekend you might be able to leave with a free. Now Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Stick around for that they obviously have. That James called we firing. Continues to be a big deal. You know call me was it the best investigator Donald Trump said yesterday that he finally was doing a good job. Only was it the best investigator. His ouster had been in the works for weeks. He could have a clue. Leave that it's a John Austral in morning show here on by a united front porch five and 95 point Jeff Norma toll classic rock good morning. The John Marshall in morning show is brought you by the most ordinary man into college. M a mark for. Coming up throughout the morning wool wool Lofton and study what we know the latest on that at midnight Mitch Landrieu the mayor of New Orleans how mood strike could get taken down. Shall issue on number two. And his two more to take down when it comes to the arm leaders of the confederacy. Just stay away right here if you're driving around their stay away from that area because Egyptian Davis stature removal. They got a close off some street try to over there on canal in Jefferson Davis probably have to change name that road now the Jefferson Davis. Parkway. We have to change your name and a root of his detention actually offended people sure looked in the global wood to about Michelin group parkway. And more of that throughout the show but there's a lot of other things going. You just she what happened last weekend over on the West Bank. These two young two young guys in the early twenties with their girlfriends. Thought that. This guy that they knew. Molested a ten year old girl. So they wanted to get revenge out. One of the girls the young girls. Hooked up with the dude. Said hey. Let's go over let's go over into these woods over here. And let's smoke some weed let's coordination on the feet national historical park and preserve. It will go smoke some weed over there and was back. So they go over their win when the guy gets over there he was aboard the air by by a young lady her boyfriend. His body. And another girl were there her boyfriend had a shotgun. And proceeded to beat the pants off this guy who they said molested a ten year old girl. I don't know if that is true or not they haven't named the victim yet. But 22 year old came Brantley was the ringleader he was the guy with a shotgun. Who beat the guy who he says molested. A ten year old girl home. If that's the case if if this victim. Molested a ten year old girl that in my opinion that street justice orders gauge which justice Brewster. You know what whether treat justice on the street or woods in the woods on the West Bank over their thorough job of the national historical park and preserve as a book numbers. You couldn't be more wrong what happens if you get accused of something and I'm not saying something like that what what did you actually did it. I should it be David it was just. I mean Jesus if he didn't do so you're throwing over the legal system over to the hands of of these investigators. With a shotgun. And say come on over and smoke some weed here at the park you are willing to. Bet that view is as good is. CSI. That's as good as the the the federal building over here if this guy gitmo closed at ten year old girl. He got what was coming to ashes might be now if he didn't throw the pocket he's for it trumps. You live in some blown strange strange as world connectors at the Bruce strive always to you know I'm a weak job. I'd take the crime out of okay I'm ticket to cry about it because of course it's if it happened. Of course it's horrible. It could be nothing more or should or shouldn't let you know were put in a world where you have. Shotgun street justice. Fueled by sweetie. I don't live in a world. Because what do I get accused of something what it more. Just an awful mistaken identity is. I wonder why now awful mistaken identity is an overall where you have street shotgun grass than you think these youngsters just make it at all. Are alerted that didn't save that. Do they have the forensic skills they have the education. Are they professional investigators. Take okay you've decided to always guilty. It take a look at their four mug shots and don't have much of of anything. Kabul tattoos on the neck. And they found this guide beaten. Aimed at end and he was only and is he was in a muscle shirt he original wife beater and he was in his boxer shorts because. While the repeating in this trip Obama's quotient rule is close in the pond. And I hear read your show and let the investigatory process play out with these kids I remember being 22 I mean a lot of patience. A version of I thought that I could I thought I'd. If I had patience. If I thought that I knew that some combat molested a ten year old girl and nothing was happening in the cops were doing anything about it. Again they've got to try to do something. Then that's I don't wanna live in a world where it's up to you to decide whether or not. Whether or not happen now that's about eyewitness on target about we think it happened. 22 year old came Brantley was the ringleader of Harvey. His girlfriend Kelsey you call and she's forty she's won not the word the guy. She's got them nor the gun at Facebook's you English motion we know when they showed up we beat them. She's from Herrera. Start 42 year old joint chiefs on a Marrero the shells like Westbury justice. And his girlfriend 21 year old Ream Qatar of Kenner. Push you over there. Whose sudden this guy girl from scanners go targets such as she's running with fiction literature packed lecture crowd. She's not run with a counter crash drawn with a West Bank Guerrero grounds usually handled all be over there a little while. He got that top part the on the feet national historical park and preserve. Run around the 6300 block of Barrett carrier boulevard. And the cops off figured out described. Could you just have to be driving by on a regular patrol. And the ringleader came Brantley coming walking out of the woods told a shotgun. Killer cops put the brakes on. Initially went to Regis she's can walk out of the woods carrying a shotgun. And then when the cops approached and they should get here take the job done we just beat the pants off and has literally. We be compared so often described the molested his ten year old girl. According to them. I understand the attention. But while star now we pay attention is to make sure that this guy's guilty. I'll make sure that the guy who was beaten. And then were stripped of his closed at and those clothes were thrown into the pond over that I want to make sure he's guilty of molesting a ten year old that'll be able sleep better tonight are hit. Are you inviting people over to your pleased with the shotguns and we'd see you all get together and do some more investigation aloft is much what he's doing more Brewster. I just say I remember it was like we have 22 and a pick and maybe take maybe maybe the ticket the investigators are cops are not moving fast enough that the investigation. Who notes. But now now. Now if this guy is set of molesting a ten year old girl. That's not a nation to rotation toward a book gees you lenders kids juiced. And we don't allow. Street justice to make those decisions. And they go back and say ups or. Are a good job. Thank god I'm going to take a wild guess think god. I don't think you are required to show him. Oh yeah I've had a shock about Clinton. A little promo for the old station we used to work at all it doesn't have any old and New Orleans anymore sure to shut up about that and remember the promo it didn't go off the first time I'd remembered. It's quite. On a program at. I'm will be paid attention to the story can I would bring you follow up additional motivation to do was guilty. And if he was guilty of molesting the girl were of these could show bowler you gonna have to they have these. The shot go and wheat rally if your house or. I don't know I gotta I gotta break for a vote to follow the story I just kind of got to make sure that dispute guilty because if he's not what these kids are in trouble. It's coming up on the ouster would show all the sudden Hillary Clinton's argument or opinion about James called me. Which because she COLT didn't. We hope you stay tuned for that report which by 95 which 595 points out. Classic plot of the war to the John Austral in morning show Sunday's Mother's Day are you ready. According to triple emotionally travel will be way down this year they share this is because so many Americans have moved active with their mother. They are coming up next we'll look at today in history we call the segment. Marches and suck up. Is next on about 95 point jumped by united five point seven New Orleans only classic rock. The Josh early morning show was brought you by the most ordinary man into one. Am a mark for. Coming up on the show the latest on monument number two going down last night as midnight Mitch Landrieu strikes again. And the Jefferson Davis monument was taken down last night from what I understand the property we monument is going down tonight. While he had crucial that eight years what does he done. This has to say he did something more on that coming up and a lot of other things too. But it's about that time of the show where we look at today history and we call this segment light today doesn't suck. May eleventh. And as you know if you listen to the show there are some even though we call low segment what we call it. There are many reasons why historically does stuff. I feel one of those coming on now while it was today may eleventh parishioner in 1981. Why today it doesn't suck. Bob Marley died. And that's totally shocked because they should not happen. Bob Marley. It's over thirty what that a doctor initiate. You've got cancer in your toe we can if you pay your to your big toe was part of your push button and you'll be okay but Bob Marley at Belmont. Whether it was for religious reasons or they said he loved the play soccer news and he said he wouldn't be as effective was sure. But he didn't do anything about it and it got worse the cancer Freddy got it should it ever happen roots are still be alive today. At and he he may reggae music popular form. And Maya will be he probably would have done better via truck that fair you know what's interesting about Bob Marley also. What he really when he was making it big in America. He was only making it big would kill white people don't white college he would poor college campuses. And and the young white students really enjoyed the reggae music but he couldn't really a lot of black people were view on how he's in America at Merv. And then of course. Like happens so often after he died. He became a whole lot bigger. And death that he ever was alive. I don't know how big afraid you are reggae I love reggae and and I'd love Bob Marley. And as extinct because the guys still should be allowed to. Well put it this way. Just a reggae bands I find there's something about the single patient. That existed doesn't it doesn't move me. Now if you talk about Stewart Copeland and reggae influence in Neil per. He reggae influence in drum beats Vatican appreciate it if you were to say he grew very few tickets go see this reggae band I wouldn't I wouldn't want. I'm glad I was Linda got a news here and interior not run small we did Saturday. That would go hand in hand with gaga type of music. Whoever yeah. May eleventh. It was on this day in 1934. Life today dozens. The massive dust storms each week from the great plains. All the way across the eastern states Brewster could you imagine what today for winning the show in shape. That say. Would blow from the state of Kansas to Boston Massachusetts that's more outlet. On this day in 1934. A massive storm send him. You jump on them topsoil. Why from a cross. The part great plains region the United States as far as the East Coast New York City. A Boston mass futures at Atlanta Georgia. At that time the great plains worse settled in the late 18100 no way it was covered by prairie grass. Which held moisture in the Europe it kept most of the royal home blowing away even during dry spells can book by the early twentieth century. Farmers have plowed under much of the ground to create field. US entry into World War I in 1917 caught the great need for a week. Farmers began to push their fields to the limit plowing under more and more crowds playing with the newly invented track there. Followed up allowing just made it so parched and then when the winds pretty fast looked at thus far quote. Talk about what does she know we. The obviously. In 1934 there was no. Television there was no hand held cameras there was no Internet if that happens they could you imagine the pictures. All of the of the Dallas in the sand and blowing from the midwest. I mean thick clouds of it to the East Coast yeah it's just it's impossible to imagine. God just from important shot machine along. But it was on this day in 1997. Life today doesn't suck the computer deep blue defeated. World Chess Champion Garry Kasparov. At chess match. It was on May eleventh. 1997 the chess grandmaster Garry Kasparov. Resigned. He lost viewing was done after nineteen moos paid his game against deep blue. A chess playing computer developed by scientists. And I PF. But we're just player Brewster. You know I used to be IT IE IA actually at one point my brother in law and I were. Sort of get heavily and chest and I don't see the opening the ruby Lopez opening move there's the queen's gambit so I do remember a couple of the things that I didn't stick with the yeah I I used to play I don't play that much anymore. All of but if he might pitch span is so short that. Checkers as Margaret are what are we talk about what he did checkers or mortgage or you know. There were never big fan of checkers. My dad I was beaten the beat the snot out of me tractors. And pool and poker. Utopia. Always look good for the next big thing yet another little spin thing that's going around these days that people all hold America and India and the kids what it's a little street thing it. There should sell like crazy I just saw a story on that. But the great new invention it's a fat but gyroscope yet that's like a little spider you hold it between your moment your forefinger. And excess it's spent religious and it's got different colors it was strictly throw well radio but they've mesmerized as the kids. All I just saw a story that the woman who would benefit out of the curves inward instead go there shell like crazy woman who invented that she's not getting paid. Because she forgot to Rio for pat. When you when you patent so you get mad at some big cost 400 bucks she did have a muddy to renew it. She was brought hope and now that thing is sold millions and millions and I think somebody else could just. Jump on it today around the patents be announced there are lots of guys on the Internet right now about Michelle Obama I don't know. I forgot the catbird seat because it was up the other getaway with a. So if you remember this Mattel made any toy he was basically just to top. But it had a giant really powerful gyroscope or or whatever was inside it was called wizard WIC's. ER and it was a tough and it had a hard rubber. Base and what you did was just give us. On the ground you could get as much work into it targeted spending and that thing would spin for ten minutes. They would do all sorts of was really cool how he would he would like spin the almost. They describe this it would be on the radio it would spin of its own. Volition volition. Straight out the then it woods has been making big circles like around her room. That it would come back and it would it was all because of the gyroscope mechanism inside watched very fascinating and I'm going to eBay right now the American by one. Senior party law and charged duke. Experts are saying that there's been thing that the kids are open where these days. It's kind of like that who refuse to catch it fat I'm fat like gavels people no longer last. May eleventh always on this day. Bad news was depicted. Incredibly in a movie. Paratroopers would jeer a 1969. Light today doesn't suck may eleventh 1960 united paratroopers battle for hamburger hill. And in Vietnam. Heads. Many wore folks were. Asked what's the most realistic movie ever made about Vietnam. And Ed Mehdi agreed that the movie call hamburger hill and it was just one hill and try to get up every day that Vietnamese were heightened. They're very different point to the hill underneath the building and he kept because we did it shake. And that every time we start getting close to get up the hill. Our planes friendly fire would come over. Thinking that they were about blown up the the Vietnamese with their throwing bombs on the American trying to get up that Amarillo Vietnam right. One of the most horrible episode in the Vietnam. More pain on once again. Africa on the dirt focus on one small. You know when you think about the Vietnam films of that era. Apocalypse Now platoon. Plowed through full metal jacket what. Hamburger hill I think would be. Even though it is the most is being called the most. Accurate yeah it's kind of the less known of those war. In fact I don't believe I've seen hamburger hill because all of those other ones you mentioned had huge how our budget you rise to power and huge threat ever it was kind it was it. It was in May without much fan fair right. A movie that is split into two parts but the Hughes Brothers the first part is. Is Vietnam days the second part is the Bronx New York in 1975 great movie script and flaws. Gonna strange ending dead prison doctor that's got some really graphic and a powerful Vietnam seems that it's beginning. Good what had finally. There was on this date may eleventh in 1977. I today doesn't suck United States president Jimmy Carter. Put it a long day at the office. He should he spends its typically busy day meeting with congressional it cabinet leaders. Conducting phone meetings squeezing it gave up tennis and family time is attending the opera. Carter's White House diary posted on the presidential libraries web site prevails in great detail Jimmy Carter's schedule. Although the content of Carter's White House discussion was not yet reported in the diary. Practically every move Carter was alive. By an unknown as the team to be exact minutes. That was illegals bizarre it never heard that before yeah around 11 PM the night before Carter arrived in Washington aboard Air Force One. He had just returned from a trip to England where he spent five days. But get ready judges insane schedule to get up at 7 AM. By 730 was in his office and it proved that they would. It's almost an indictment which you could she now is it presidential library that you did you go to the White House backed off. Whether it was Obama are trump they have their schedules by the minute train out. And they said it was on this day Jimmy Carter work the longest days I don't know what you got dog drive. I'm ready present I've heard off. So that the entries the daily entries. For the activities of Bill Clinton are actually the easiest. You decide heard shortage there. Very concise hits like 9:30 AM but nobody available chemical building at vogue 2:30 AM Hutchison bill being bill. So that's why historically. May eleventh ugly dogs you know moment when they resume you know life today dozens. Why doesn't wells. Coming up by the ouster would show. Should food stamps be available for drug convicted felons here in the state Louisiana. We yesterday in baton rouge Louisiana house bill said yes and we'll give details on it's by united five point seven. I. It's tough approaches its buy you 95 point jump shot Austral morning show. I Hillary Clinton waited on the firing of James called me she said she had mixed emotions mixed emotions. Yeah she's upset because Juan called me released. Are his report on or emails right before the election as some people say that that's something to do with her losing. Although she should be thankful as we wanted to we could how to wedged in thrown in jail for what she did. As a benefit Rosie O'Donnell has waited on the James commie fighting as well. She weighed in about 300 pounds. Coming up next on midnight Mitchell major strikes again. More monuments by united front porch of but you 95 point seven New Orleans only clash across the job national morning show is brought you by the motion ordinary man in New Orleans. On the mark for. New Orleans Mayor midnight Mitch half Moon Landrieu struck again last night in the middle of the night. Taking down the Jefferson Davis monument and if you're driving around the usually drive around that area canal street. If indeed Russia park where over there goes someplace else speakers' national Anderson taken out there trying to pick up apiece in the root of it now. And they're stuck on a cup cars over the about that and and a city where the murder capital America. Where we don't know money to even come close to stuff a full police force. All he's got fifty cops last night are right now. RO RO over their taxpayer dollars. Should be at the Merrill which claims of a morning news broke but you're missing the point was that was. What's soltys is. What told these. Statues honoring. White supremacy and slavery and the confederacy. Once they're all gone and John Austral and the crime rate is going to plunge. Kill murder rate will be almost nil. And again as I've mentioned god nauseam. On occasion as they can finally here he has nothing that he can look back at a charity accomplished willow with a murder capital of America crime violent crime major crimes have gone up over 30%. On his watch. Did to treat her just in horrible shape the sidewalks are horrible shape. Literally and figuratively he was unable to clean up the street and yours truly Natalie attache that he did something and issues. And what he still won't tell you where the money's coming from that it that he paid to take these statues down our shores at it that we came from out of state not only out of town out of state. It came from other left Rio left wing ideologues who if they don't like. Something. Historically they wanna we ration it and that's exactly what initially introduce judge ever since Davis statue was stated for a 111 years. One man took it down. One man took it down and as I've always said if you know if he wanted to do this year should have put it on the ballot. Let people vote on it in November make it a ballot initiative question but the folks vote on it but this was never an issue. And dom he needed something to do on his way out the door he's and his agent finally you there's nothing he could look back at eight years as it was is what I accomplished. Even and we got better with public education the public schools businesses city. He was against that because the only thing that made us better with the public schools in New Orleans are charter schools and he was against that. If he had his way. The public school system would be as bad shape is a ways off before the charter schools at all. He had yet to result in eight years right what can look back as she did he could say that he. It took down the of the nations to racist monuments and I understand from what I hear. I think at least circle property leaves bush or gore tonight pretty might start broker Baldwin and go out there and give the other went into the try to created to Bogart. You try to create a diversion that. Or is it that they were putting the spotlight. Literally. And figuratively. On Jeff Davis and then they were gonna sneak over here and take general briefly. I had a couple people contact me because you do regular showing this town for almost ten years you and you shall deeply get to know some people on the inside. While last night early evening I was contacted by a couple of people that said they thought that the Jefferson Davis was a deep quite. And they wanted to on the protesters you Schobel than ever to come in the back door and take on poverty the last night that didn't happen. And some of those people think that you and I are up 24 hours a day in this is all we did. This the other radio for four hours and then. They have the rest of the time bouncing back and forth between monuments pay another political rally would be a Belgium if I could get paid there it would get paid for that part. Other Louisiana local lose you know our state representative she used to be on the news around here Khaleda Marino. Or Zhu caller because I don't want to sound like a gringos who I don't let. Eliminate all has a bill in Baton Rouge. Food stamps. For drug felons. Issues they got a prison because she says that if you're convicted felon who's been convicted on drug crime. That when you've got to prison it's hard for you to find work therefore you'll commit crimes to make money and you'll go back to prison. On show so she thinks there's wall virtual and that. They're real. She's our state rep you might remember her. She's to be a TV news woman. How do you feel about that. And now this bill still has surpassed. The full house to check yet. But drug felons will regain. Access to food stamps and other welfare benefits as soon as they get out of prison under this bill if it passes. I don't think he's gonna press when she's taken a debt. Because when you got out of prison you can't find a job so you need to eat where you're gonna rob people and on the back in prison itself and also people that. It's probably one of her five deals that you brought up there she trying to get something done it's that John Austral in morning show here I've by united front which. Why you 95 point seven New Orleans only clash a crock it's a John Austral in morning show. I yesterday president Donald Trump over at the White House met with Russia's minister of foreign affairs Sergey laugh off. They discuss Syria the Ukraine and of course trumps reelection campaign for 22 on going down the two murders. From watching people lose their mind about everything attachment those. It's a job optional morning show hey coming up next we will tell you about a few doctors here at New Orleans who got a lot of trouble. It's by 95 which. By you got to five point seven New Orleans only classic rock could mark the job popular morning show is brought you by the most ordinary man into Portland. And the mark for. Till midnight Mitch struck again in the middle of the night last night. Early this morning does this time Adam Mair in the world mr. Thomas Jefferson Davis monument here's. Look I I've we've been over this a thousand times you know I feel I think this is government over reach electric. This is to choose one man who has failed as the mayor of the city of New Orleans in the last eight years. As violent crimes major crime drop over 30% on his watch the murder with a murder capital the world yeah we did it now impassioned Southside of Chicago were murder capital USA. Home to roads history too horrible each each looking back in Odyssey years has met what possibly can he say he did so this is he how did you shop it. To say that he did shall. And this is what he's doing. On taking on the monument to pay tribute to the confederate leaders and a Jefferson Davis with Dallas morning. By the way if you're driving around there this morning if you're usually are driving in that area. On canal street and Jefferson Davis a large fairway markers it's crazy now understand canal is getting a little bit better it's still it's just it's it's still massed there. You know I know a lot of people are upset about this ad I I've said it from day one I've always thought they should have been our question that you put on the of the ballot November. Making the ballot initiative questions. Just wasn't even an issue. We have plenty of issues in this city that was one of but Mitch Larry Drew it decided to do on his own because you Denny what does he don't many years she's been a failure as the mayor of New Orleans. So we have to say that he did something on his way out the door. Are but he should made the ballot initiative question about the folks are residents of Orleans parish vote on it in. November that's not happening. All you know very frustrating also about this. A couple of ethics. The fact that so many New Orleans cops and firefighters were involved in this that's overtime pay. All he's using city resources. When we don't have the money we just don't have the money for that and he said this money EDI a couple of 100000 dollars are gonna cost to do the deed these jobs. Coming from out of town you won't say exactly where it's coming from some national. A group on. Political lefties. That. If you figures show just say if it is indeed coming from where we've heard it's coming from. It's free T interest. Or rumors are going around that Al sharpton's on network. Through and so money as well as others over paid his taxes and as a director I should be in jail for not pay taxes. An edge so this the fact that you city resources ought to do wish. Com is very frustrating and a shady were we don't have the money to Philip models it's just ditch its mind numbing to be honest with you. But the other thing Brewster that's frustrating we've talked about this before the show. You know I've you know FaceBook and other social media outlets people are calling for a boycott of war which must. Boycott the city here's what I don't like about that. By boycotting the world you're hurting people but I have nothing to do with this issue. The store owner of the restaurant owner of a small business owner of the borrower. And more specifically you could be hurting someone who feels. Exactly like you did you exactly ridiculous and you don't you're considered I could go to that restaurant you're not gonna shopper match nor hear an issue you know knowledge you're you're not gonna go to that bar you're not gonna wish you show. Who really hurting do you think you're hurting Mitch when Andrew. You're not hurting actually injured. You're hurting them that the great people that live in the city of New Orleans. Many of them I'd go on a limb saying most of them. Have nothing to do what they should and they don't agree with this state like Brewster just said they probably feel the same way you do so you're gonna hurt their business. I don't understand that the other day yesterday I saw some guys that I just bought a couple of thousand dollars worth of electronic equipment I was gonna bite New Orleans. Of reporting Kenner instead. You know he's really he's so proud of himself right. Here. Look Mitch Landrieu is dotted if you watch anyways. He's done at the end of the year he's done it 6 march. So who do you think you're really hurting with boycotts. And others this boycott or other boycotts that we've seen. Here in Nome. Register New Orleans but all over the place boycotts don't work. That they really don't work so before you think in your your your are shining star writing all force. For for justice you're not. You're hurting the good people that that own and operate in work in and businesses around New Orleans. That debt need folks to keep on shopping there and keep eating there and especially with the with the hot hot hot hot summer months coming weird tourism drops off precipitously a lot to another thing as we all mode June July and August of Rosh Lowe wished year's slowest three months slowest time of the year. Here in the city of New Orleans because it's so damn hot. And that's when though locals really need all the locals to step up and the people from the suburbs to step up. Now if if if you wanna say that most of the support that misled you got for take it down these confederate job monuments. If you wanna say most of the support he got came from out of not only out of town but out of state you're a 100% right about that. But at the same time many of the people that have a problem with. What mission they drew did they don't live in the city of normal either. So if you live on the North Shore or if you live in Jefferson Parish in here and you're upset about this and I agree I I think this is wrong to. Dolce you're gonna boycott the city of Warren's. Don't do that. You know you can you can say what you want about on the failed mayor of New Orleans and how he's done nothing in eight years to keeper Schaefer got the streets paved or even without education he was against the only thing that made public education each and again. In New Orleans which is charter schools he was against that. It's midnight Mitch had his way we'd be back to the old public schools that were in the short. So eight ears looking back he did nothing absolutely nothing. He had to say he did something it's a political move obviously. That's what he did well please stop with the boy can't stop of the board Huskers are not hurting him. You're hurting the good fight people who do business and own businesses and work in the city of New Orleans. And where to tell you about a few doctors backed out of a whole lot of trouble the other day. We'll tell you all about it next is by united five point job by united five point seven. New wallet only clash across its the job hospital in morning shall we be telling you what's been happening in Venezuela they went total socialism now people are. Dirt a shot that they're running out of toilet paper and and and eggs and things like debt and Venezuela good of food shortage. It's getting worse to give an idea how bad it is. People are opening email account just to get spam. Rough over there. Are covered up not sunny ouster which I promise I'll give me to details on how these New Orleans doctors got a whole lot of trouble you can say that I sure where that's coming up next embattled web burial. It's about 95 which by united bon voyage. What we're told me classic rock the job nostril in morning show is brought you by the most ordinary men into war. And Lamar for. Shall we yesterday in Moreland courtroom for doctors for New Orleans doctors. Along with two others were convicted. In a thirteen point six million dollar Medicare fraud scheme. We're sure you and I've talked about this before whether politicians when they go back. You know when you she'd like these guys in trouble they did start out that way but along the lines someone got to them and they whatever. Would there was the money or the sex up the power are all three at what point. Did they do mr. Pollack. Petitions are wanting doctors were really the time and the money in the effort that it takes to be the education of the public and there are. Well all the way. I don't this this is mind numbing. A jury convicted four New Orleans doctors as well as two other people on Tuesday in federal court. Off for participating in a Medicare fraud scheme. Prosecutors say netted more than thirteen point six million dollars in fraudulent Medicare reimbursements. Now. Scheming Medicare and Medicaid. It's an eternal story it's nothing new usually sometimes doctors Hewitt footage usually outsiders. Who get involved. And and and do that. All. These doctors are risking everything the risking what 1012 years of education higher education. Medical school all of the money that it cost all the training. To become a doctor and why they become a doctor I'm sure it is a few people become doctors to make money but you would think. The majority of doctors become doctors because they wanna make a difference and I wanna help people. Obviously the money he's really good book to become a doctor you sacrifice. Some of the best here's your life. Not hanging out your friends not to all your friends are doing that kind of thing you want to go interest body that he thought there. Are you telling me that all the time has been hanging out with my friends I could have also bid becoming a darker than. But when you see Medicare and Medicaid fraud usually it's from an insurance companies or or people that. Our work it instantly ancillary positions are on the medical field Beebe medical supplies. Things like for doctors to do. That's something else that that's incredible the six defendants all from New Orleans and the New Orleans area. Worked for or with a bite of home care services. Which federal prosecutors had routinely falsified diagnosis is so Medicare reimbursements were inflated. Shall look social we're going to the doctor like you just did Brewster you just take your hand operated out. Let's say your doctor which they weren't Bob let's say that they were in on some might just that they were shady. Much like a car salesman when you bring your car cart much like your car mechanic when you bring your car. Maybe how you need a little worked on but they were JR don't you need you need all his dog to. May or may not even know it. They may or may not even noted what you did that's what they should find a good mechanic is on us McKenna does provide. They've done now on many of the shows. The hidden camera stories where they will follow somebody yen. No you need this is going to be 12100 dollars. And they don't do anything they just kind of fiddle around with some wrenches. The thing to do about that just as a side note is always ask for the heart begin a major part changed in your car you want apart but would I have to imaging without there's a little bit different I mean they go apart well we're not we're not that almost part of your hand you know in an expert on those like you are I don't know why you can't get those back I mean I wanted I hadn't tooth pulled ones like to have that just for the heck of it. Kansas medical waste they can't. They can't turn that over. So I never have any teeth pulled on his way from the fall on their own you know like there's a little bit pain but surely did in a hundred years ago hey. That goes with your claim Joseph opponents and military appropriate there's a lot of this. This is not just auto mechanics or your right to hidden camera won't pop the hood. It will be hidden cameras about rip something apart underneath there he'll he'll sort of self audit you need district certain. Whether it's home repair that you got a lot we senior citizens are but my grandmother which he was living god mr. shall. Aldridge called me one day she said hey there's something seriously wrong with the chimney that this guy is here and we need 5000 dollars. I flew over there is nothing wrong with the guy showed up took advantage of an elderly woman one of torture when he started making a hole and it sure. So that this was. Okay those are blue collar jobs were to Germany with a home repair with the cars should doctors. And and patients would come in and they say well you need do is to know what you know really didn't or older were charge you for work that they said they did that they really didn't and they and and show. Bombs you know investigators got a hit on these people and and port. The other day two days ago a jury into good nor was convicted for New Orleans doctors for skimming. Medicare. Reimbursements over thirteen point six million doctors. Our thirteen point six million dollars and he he she never. Never thought he was she got from ma form from real blockage from from people what do real work to help real people so it. Deportees you've got to keep an eye on everybody it doesn't matter which he auto mechanic it doesn't matter if it's the chimney sweeper it doesn't matter preacher doctor. It's sad shape rooster and that's what shall we skeptics out there. You've got to keep quiet everybody most people do want us work you would take most people. You want but there are always. No matter no matter what group of people you're talking about most cops are good cops. Probably small percentage of that are badcaps it doesn't matter what field you're talking about. But again I find it sociologically. Fascinating Howell. Whether it's the doctor the firemen the whatever it is the butcher the baker the candlestick maker at what point. Is that synapse fire that it's like OK the temptation is to great whatever it is again money and said that's you. The body it's what was happening outside of their profession maybe they've got gambling detriment of other debts they branded and it got to do shut the scramble and are really behind the people. And even a radio what most people I've worked with a radio brochure good people but we've all worked with people that are rotten as shall be. So it's like that whether it's not any field most I would think are good people but you're always gonna have the bad apples in every group small percentage. I don't have actually found out who gave the guys that Coke who. It's adjuster would show a body 95 points out why you got five point 72 wallets only classic rock. It's a job luster when morning show and I'm enjoying president Donald Trump just freaking people out. He's got people's heads spin and every day it's something different and a moderate more more. Otherwise president trumps daughter Tiffany. She should she get much publicity she's a daughter that he had with Marla Maples. And she's really good looking to president Trump's daughter Tiffany will attend Georgetown law school in the fall. She's a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania to I've really not just looks. And I topple ball she holds an honorary degree from trump university. That'll let go before. They come and actually get details on the guy that gave her Coke to the diluted Orleans parish prison who bolted out of it died. They do for that and the commercial free ride yes. It's by united by point 75 uniting five point seven New Orleans only classic rock the John Austral in morning show is brought you by the most ordinary men ignore it. Am more fort. To even follow the story on the show of the did the young guys who die from doing too much Coke inside Orleans parish prison and he was of these of prisoner. The all new and improved Orleans parish prison don't politics anymore the new building exe orleans' justice center to meet although we've VoIP pre 2.0. Could even though they got the beautiful new building beautiful floors are retreat of the shells are gorgeous. A tape which are doing which sells these days respect. That is gorgeous part does the same things still happen and Ares I and I I hear you beat slop off the floor and did so many do. On the you've got to you got to prison rapes and you've got all that stuff going on and and we told a story about pork Colby Crawford. He was the year 243 year old guy who did too much Coke one night. Third president Eddie you'll dvd died. And I raised the Specter of genius that he might in fact have been a drug mule and that blows for everyone. Well you're starting gets up and restore. We'll probably have some more details but they still they still haven't answered the big question and walker connect. The man accused of supplying inmate Colby Crawford with the cocaine. That led to his overdue dose death inside he orleans' justice center. Has just been arrested and charged with second degree murder. I don't know if I agree with that charge that fueled the drug dealer he gives you sold your drugs and he did make it due to drought. What column. Anyways 29 year old Daryl Moeller was booked into the Orleans justices. Senator jail on murder charges. I yesterday. Colby Crawford jailhouse death identified Darrell Fuller. As the inmate who provided the cocaine Crawford and several other inmates. Used while our rounded dashed in jail cell. Court records show that the day before Crawford overdosed on February 22. Fuller was booked into the jail. Fuller was accused at that time of resisting an officer in illegal possession of stolen firearms. And then he was released from jail a few weeks after that after posting a hundred dollar 101000 dollar mark. Investigators say Fuller gave Crawford a small bag containing a white powdered substance believed to be cocaine. Later that same day. The inmates continued ingesting cocaine until Crawford fell unconscious. And then he he later died. So that's pretty much the whole score but it put it doesn't answer the question brochure. How does forward I'd get it Coke into the jungle. He was arrested that day. God god book got in jail maybe he was tied at someplace that they didn't you don't. But they do that the coffin squat building do that it is it isn't that what they use it and jails and prisons. Won't say when never heard it referred to is that pitcher they first patch it out and then once they get you naked a bay and to date beg your your head and cough. They're caught caught may have squat evidently got might have been at I'm just guessing. But how does Darryl Fuller. Get the Coke into the prison in the day he was arrested. And later that day that same day that talk Colby Crawford. Did too much at Arco. And as hard blew up when he died and Crawford wasn't the only one to do cold Arctic several other inmates wrecked a party. I don't want to know I know. Because I thought all would YouTube video viral video stuff was good and once they moved into this brand new facility. You know the viral video which I'm playing cards with the gone out stacks of cash and a cold beer cold here on ice. Had a big gaggle we there. That was in the old place type I thought things were changing what they got into this new bill would. A group of guys were sit around a desk in a jail cells aren't Coke. Again I don't want to know how it got into the building Brewster as football that. Like elsewhere backstage didn't pop concert I know there are these are pretty good show. So it again the jail cost a 145 million dollars to build in the same stubborn cold out of the jail that we're on the scary place next door. Or at least they figured out. Who. Supplied the Coke to this guy. The date to please tell me how did you get it in the air day he got arrested obviously it was somewhere that they didn't fully checked. Over at the oh PP 2.0 please contact John off the air so that I don't have to. I don't happier inquiring mind registered you're not one you don't want to know. Who was sort of packed house that day what would when you get booked over there. Is usually what Contra brink of generic told you I would get in there. Did you Orleans parish sheriff's deputies don't make that much cash shall maybe a friend or cousin or a relative one in May shall. I have a few bucks to get catcher Brad and whether to sell owner whether it's Coke or reader. Ice for the for the cold Peters I don't know about that management and you know this you've just recently turned fifty and I think it's time for your colonoscopy have you scheduled that. I'd organism Aaron. Bingo that's how I feel about the source. It's a commercial free right. There on the job popular morning show on I 95 points on I 95 point seven New Orleans only classic rock. John I nationally and here we phew I'm excited for a week for from Saturday. Arm. That it's the annual bike you bashing oil. And that's a week from Saturday that war the it may twentieth yet attract New Orleans Harley-Davidson. They're on airline drive across treatment baseball field. Free crawfish. And free gear provided by new Charlie Davidson. It starts at twelve move Brewster you when you're going to be there and I knew. I think everybody who's going to be there yeah I think it's gonna be elected to merit if you don't show up let's say for example. Well I don't know La John Marty like if he didn't show up demeanor. John Marty here on the weekend he's going to be Donald guarantee comes in after us. Richie. He's going to be our cat comes in after dig deep she's going to be there. And I'll buy you group and yet YouTube and possibly Eric who have understand might be leaving this Eric errors going on to bigger and better things. Not only you're gonna have as much free crawfish and free beer from New Orleans Harley-Davidson if you could possibly just until it lasts until last. We all tubular register to win that brand new law Harley-Davidson motorcycle the sports the roadster yeah. How cool was not. So that's one week from Saturday. May toward the wiwa and. How can you be that. WB that show also worked at the free crawfish reappeared may be what do motorcycle discounting. Are you could be I've counting your cliches just leave me alone when you tell him. Okay it's hypothetical how can you beat that if you're a guy you're guaranteed to go home with a Playboy centerfold may be that's the only one now know what's gonna go home from this of that with a bite that bites going to be given away at a later date but you can register the way you'll be sure will be registered. While you're eating as much creed free crawfish and drinking as much free beer from the world's leading Richard you possibly can last it's not as much as you possibly can and it's that it's until it lasted it is for everyone. How do you beat that so hopefully we'll cedar starting at twelve noon a rouge are. That's stuff but let me let me ask you this should I take it from you you know shock radio -- don't take government so so radio stations take out. And making a what a T shirt right. From the radio about it now way to monitor the that's what they set me up for what guaranteeing what we corporation for eager from the world they've. Guarantees their children know me is that this thing shall McDonald's guarantees. Don't say legally actionable words like here in the two weeks ago to see me on a Saturday in winning a teacher what firmer that we can knock before we may. I didn't shake did all right yeah it but you can't beat that I think. This that's gonna take that from you. This week I think you're sticking with him adding that he's a at a time. And our history together Brewster YouTube's Duckett to real life more than it is. I played out are trying to. I'll object sodomized what do life's little pleasures it it is is usually just aegis you've taken so. Closely guys try to get you mad off the air and it's impossible you'll get ahead Moshe school and got an aura of Charlie do you think you're helping all the tapes of the subject. Although the bite paraphernalia yes to go over there yet I'm excited a week from shattered again hopefully we'll see in the world so hopefully our new shirt to be here in the you'll know who we are. So that they are name. And corner. School. Yeah. So the state of New Jersey passed. This milky bill in the other day. If you're wondering what the smoky bill. If you recall the MTV our show Jersey Shore from a few years back. The star of that show was this little orange. Woman named Snooki trying to think of the word (%expletive) and say on the air a little orange. Woman named shook. But and fire hydrant and a girl. The mean that the Goodwin and many people thought that that show with Matt the apocalypse many people that show success at the back JoAnne a lot of viewers. The debit the end of the world out of here on the corner. 'cause it it took these dog leash a handful when New Yorkers they put him in a house on the Jersey Shore for the summer and basically. The premise of the show. Was how drawn they can get how much sex they can do how I'd just. I'm much craziness criticism right. And they show actually got some pretty big rates. And dom. It got so big in these people got so popular pushed her yesterday. Though she Nokia bill became law in the state of New Jersey you may ask what is the smoky bill. I may or may not. As I know you're gonna tell me this book bill. Capsule limit. At a certain amount of dollars how much. Public. Universities and public high schools in the state of New Jersey can pay for speakers to coming to their schools. Should he gave the commencement speech at Rutgers University. As he got paid a huge amount of money. Our Rutgers University is also known as the university of New Jersey is our state university and. Ed or show outrage because it was a public university and it gets state funds. That's some of that money I believe. I believe she got paid. She got paid 32000. Dollars. She got paid more than a Nobel and Pulitzer Prize winning author got paid to speak at rikers for their commencement. A year later. A measure of your senior at Rutgers in your take in all right. There's our commencement speaker you know it would spread well Joyce what should be a big name. Who we get. We're getting she looking from the Jersey shortage it was our commission can go to college undergraduate college I think that's what everybody when they introduced her they looked around teacher there and they're like who. Who took who. Not only did they get should know Q are you predict what the college dictator how much money to speak to us. We just we just went from forty years of college. All light study binges. And a lot of work to get our degree and who's gonna give the commencement speech. Should eat from the Jersey Shore and if that's about it don't tell it bigger 32000. Dollars. And I evidently they all went out after that got hammered did sex she she did that was some of the graduates. So after that after she also got another breast augmentation. As part of that I think she yes she used to have 32000 dollars she got to be the commencement speaker Rutgers to maybe get a couple of groups. A couple more she's already had. Turning had a couple put more than boobs in the end the people decided to make the commencement speaker at pay her 32000 dollars. Yeah I think right around the a year too well either before or after she's. As the commencement speaker Rutgers University. Nobel and Pulitzer Prize winning author Toni Morrison spoke there. She get paid as much. And so now. This was six years after she look he earned thousands of dollars for telling Rutgers University graduates to quote. Study hard but party harder if New Jersey has is if they didn't know that authorities New Jersey as a law aimed at keeping such high cost speakers off campus. At least that's what the new legislation signed into law this week by New Jersey governor Chris Christie seeks to do. Technically the legislation. Caps the amount of taxpayer funded. Funding for speaker. At 101000 dollars. That you don't Snooki was born in Santiago Chile Sheila and I I didn't know that. No I could tell you much more about lucky to be honest with but let me ask you this then. Smokey. Or. That's a good question I'm going. I'm going to go to speak. She's lucky she's like gut orange border ball and she is like she is much like the not a butterball Turkey which is like an orange kind of Cornish game the end. Would with augmented it's not a cica breasts while I guess there's Dorsey. Yes another shall walk on the books in New Jersey capping what public universities and high school anybody who's funded. By but by our taxpayers are New Jersey. Capping it at 101000 dollars that's as much as you could pay someone to give a commencement speech what stinks about that. Now we're not gonna get as good commencement speakers as they probably would have a fake and it paid more money. Because somebody's commencement speakers you know late date date charge big bucks. I remember remind our graduation and he just thought I try to effect a guy who spoke at my commencement speech brochure call you sure. Know how close. All of a more legendary writer and all. By the name of. Before he died a couple of months ago. With Jimmy Bradley will that he also became famous because. He was the writer that the son of Sam David Berkowitz called out when he was right to the media these and I'll talk to presently. You know. And then you remember that the region the reason he spoke of you are legendary writer should be present the region he spoke at my college commencement beat. Speech his son was in my graduating class well. Yeah I went to college which Jimmy's presence on and Neil diamond's daughter. Well yet they are both buy and and and my college but Jimmy present spoke at my college commencement speech I don't know what they paid up but does that help a lot that it's looking. Sadly Jimmy Breslin writer from Iraq on tour. A couple of months ago I think he made it to 83 years of the dead. So but there's a new law on the books in New Jersey it's the Snooki all the jobs ouster would show. It is brought you by the most ordinary man into war. At the mark for. The commercial free ride continues. Here on by 95 points up I 95 point seven New Orleans only classic rock. John roster when he really sticks there and polish summers' comments. And shtick actually looked at a couple of guys from the from the lineup that made him big I don't know all the guys sang that song Tommy Shaw he's still an event. Rome and one of the guitar player is James Young is still in the band but other than that they got three or four other hired guys but they're gonna be Torrey. Fascinated by that. About how these bands that are you know 203040. Years old they could still toward they usually do what is summertime. And they might have won maybe two original members. But the kid Donnie they could still tore an eighteen dollars still play there hitch and they can still make a living. You know not long after they're there bearish dollar has faded right. So sticks they're going toward this summer what are your speed wagon who's got like. There's only one guy that people need to hear our your street reminder Kevin Kevin Greta sings her song plays the piano and that doll. The guy the guitar player from the Eagles is opening up that'll show you got that Glenn fry you shall pick anybody has ever Don Felder yes yeah it's Don Felder are your speed racquet stakes. Coming to us somewhere near you. So sticks and we talked about this off the air sticks it's the draw the drummer the bass player were Brothers yes and the city bombers gone the drummer passed away. The bass player still around the only periodically shows up with them so Tommy Shaw and then James you all JY young got out and and then Dennis. Other leagues later he brought with them he's not with the men they got a shot that sounds exactly like just like Jerry era and it sounds exactly like an excuse for a while Dennis young was touring with the Jesus Christ superstar roadshow. And it's actually a time when I saw them that he was. He called in sick that night it was somebody else. Yeah it is fascinating how. How you have these bands who just just keep hanging on like like Boston is pretty much all times. Old one guy now and he just has five hired guards or whatever the case may be but it shows you the power of of a not only the power of music. But the probe dubbed the power of good songs people what than that if they want them when they came out what are they gonna stop evolving I'm thirty years down the road. I usually just happens in this summer and you she argues she's guys get together electricity fuel got together and you got one or two guys from the original actors or at least at the line up that became famous brand. It's it's sad when you CD's like we mentioned it during the drummer of the bass player from. Sticks has passed away like are you a speed back in gear rich for a tremendous Qatar where he passed away. Couple years ago and most people who go to CR ESP right aren't going to remember that no most people when you think of our youth speed wagon. You don't think of you think of them as a ballad band but before they did I can't keep on loving you put all that stuff they are. Rocking GA bella and they were one of the have I mean they would go out on the road literally for 23 years at a time. And not get off the road and you mentioned yesterday cheap trek era around her out of Champaign Illinois Rockford Rockford Illinois. That it's aria speed wagon was like round Urbana Champaign Illinois a terra haute Indiana Indianapolis and they were just if you wanted to go see. V rock in this ban on a Saturday night in a little. Little venue. Of maybe 4500 people are you a speed wagon back in the days the works and 45 years ago. That's what makes it amazing to try started talking about the whole thing that all the years later. They're still around they can go from New York to LA in anywhere in between still sell enough tickets to make a live picture. And had a good for them more more power to go figure. All right we up minister show every day we shall we don't recall lies today doesn't suck. May eleventh. And there are. There are regions like today thugs churn. We'll play on words what we call a bit but we call love what we call the segment we call it. What it was on this day in 1981. Like today doesn't suck Bob Marley died. Guys stage because he didn't have to do Bob Marley. He's told her. One day he went to the doctor. And the doctor told won't bog your tortured she got hit during your home. And he'll be okay just let us educated Bob Marley says nobody. Whether it was because Bob winters believe a lot of barriers don't believe it. There are probably think Richard I don't believe that surgery go return. They're got tigers felt that guy Mosher. Home but Bob Marley also loved the play soccer and dog. He says if I only have fort Afro or one quarter of foreclosed on one point this could affect my shocking double what you other live above. What kind of drugs talking about of a big Bob Marley I like reggae music I. Don't understand why did news. Play it play in the future but you know take an innocent life of the law enforcement I don't get that and remark over fellow over. And when Marley was vacated big in the big hit or miss identified as being African American. They do not take kindly Nadal they don't like that and Bob Marley out about fifty something curious with a bunch of different women they're holding George. One that's the odds that one of his cage was a pretty good linebacker to lay who graduated last year won't tomorrow. Who now. These the telling question was that the was that the big Quito were the big the captain of throws we know that I think there was a gap Arctic have big. Convicted he could still play a pretty a pretty good soccer player you're accurate pinkie go at all. As good as you know I don't have. Toe nails on either of my big I did not know I had the before we that I had the surgically removed there are medical things about me that you're not aware of when you are busier time. Boy that's that's frequently save a lot of time when it comes undercut your vote go to when it cuts down I would say 70%. A month I had it well since you ran. I had it grown toenails on my big toes so bad and and nail fungus that kind of thing. They leave it's really bloody see your like your. Is it curl around under itself. And I used to take might then why apes. Like pedicure hit the dreaded giving their. Stick around. And I usually in the UBG hi you like less 41 time all alone they are shooting out of my big toe realize what captain of the I'm not that the captain of the those. And I hobbled. Brohm the living room to the back into the shower had blood and just like washing the blood off so here's the happy part of the story. I went to a podiatrist and you actually you can have your big Tony Knowles I brought your toenails. Sure they're clear movie you're gonna let this sport you are getting there they take a beatle about yay long and when I think yeah it's about a foot long blue. And day. They shoot you and numb your show you found your coat it's about the size of your best. While all of that stuff goes into that right and then gets in there and basically doubt his and cuts and and takes pliers on series you don't feel thing do you really is hell do you but pulls the big till I'm not done throughout bullets your big toenails out right. And then there's like an athlete that you put in there that keeps them from ever growing battle. I get that done about from news fourteen years ago. A Doctor Who laments. Don't you realize why we judicial during the Cold War we do every year reservist to get as many people homeless and as possible now. Well the good news is the good news is I've done stories over. All right we thought Marlon. Life today dozens may eleventh there was on this day in 1934. Flights today doesn't stuff. And insanely massive snowstorm. Sweeps from the great plays all the way across the country to New York City do you didn't. And Boston Massachusetts on this day in 1934 a massive storm. Says millions of pounds of topsoil. Why bomb across the park great played streak of the United States as Far East as New York Boston and Atlanta. It was a great dust bowl where there and it's because our farmers had plowed under so much better off Blanton to create field. And then it gets dry hate hate hate plow more in the big market just got to a point where there were so much standard doctrine sure. Imagine that was 1934. Imagine that they edge cell phone cameras like everybody's got now what they had the Internet TV. Could you imagine the videos that they go viral. Much like your toenails. If you read the videos were viral growth of the dust blowing from the state of Kansas. Huge balls to New York just think of the FaceBook cover photos that you could make. With the gospel pictures. He might have people complain in the kitchen on FaceBook I don't as Dustin my tactic. Could you measure that no that was depicted in the novel. The grapes of wrath yes that's what that was that kinda got John Steinbeck yes who's just under. And so what might happen and I started on this day 1934 there to cost you could she get you could hear an imprint your patient from Kansas. To New York City because it was just moving that way in the in theory I guess hypothetically that can happen again in those circumstances. Rigorous Farmington who would have do you encourage storm I think we learned some things where it wouldn't. I would say wouldn't get to that point may be irrigation is such that it couldn't you couldn't get them dry again. May eleventh that was on this day in 1997 like today. Doesn't suck the computer deep blue defeats Russian world champion chess player Gary cast off. And it just backed. On May eleventh 1997. The grandmaster chess Gary has were off. He he he was gone after only nineteen moves that game against the blue. I doubt that meant a felony not a computer made by I via rest and if I'd be the big computer records. Beat the World Chess Champion Garry Kasparov's been just go to take computers are could be made for fast food restaurants I could get the servers and on time and you've got a sharper with bill. That attitude it would make any mistakes he cooked perfectly. And they never shortly or. I think you're onto something there. And you'll catch robbed big job quietly with the American Bobby Fischer yes who wish of all complete lunatic and he's he's a perfect example where mr. When they say there's a fine line between being brilliant and being in scene out of your stake in mind yes the unabomber what to offer. Well Bobby Fischer. Which are complete lunatic he was an insane crazy. What was the second greatest chess player or even. Baghdad these anti American he's a Communist. Maybe hanging out with cash or no notion. Okay. A understand Bobby and Algiers a big adjustment. And finally why today dozens. The bailout it. It was on this day. One of the most frustrating crucial home and held events happen in the Vietnam War. Paratroopers battle for hamburger hill as it was called. I've got obviously with the name of it with the Americans. They had to get up that hill. To get that part I'm numb faking Garros. He couldn't get up the hill for a couple of reasons. The Vietnamese they had the holes today till they get hot and how few people with them. But that we also are American troops in Vietnam as they were kept up the hill. It happened a couple of times. Friendly fire they got involved viral on airplanes but they were bothered them Vietnamese did Bob and I just never give up the hill. And there are many great war movies and there's a lot of really good war movies. We're regarding Vietnam. Apocalypse Now a lot of full metal package but for those who need for those in the know for those. Who were very or from it was tigers are serving at some point was taken with the among Vietnam veterans and means they shape for the most realistic view of Vietnam. Hamburger hill was. And god didn't have the big budget it didn't happen big stars because in the big budget together Big Brother. What they say if you wanna see what awards held at the closest thing to what Vietnam really like. Go ahead go watch a movie hamburger hill probably more realistic than say the green berets. I'm guessing that we you brought up on me what to respect that and I don't think I don't believe ever received a hamburger hill. I've adapted Jessica. Somebody's got to fuel which go around and I'll put it we're here in the mood for our wartime movie you wanna see the closest that department of what happened in Vietnam. Experts say ever heard bill. There's a movie to watch it's not a chick flick and his Nevada that's not a date night a movie that we take you now now. So like Schindler's List we've got to sit down and and that's why historically. May eleventh. Dozens good Bobby. Life today doesn't suck. And that's just about it to a British okay thanks for motion. I don't forget to on the podcast of the John nostril and show was available by united five children dot com. Are you could listen anytime you want anywhere you want on anything you want to discuss it. Took do you go back and catch up on shows diminished if you just get new she just learn about the show which all that and by you know I'm 57. Dot com now. That's one way to get it that's if you go to your computer which you don't need a computer to get to podcast you can take your phone. And go to the Apple Store or go to the Google play store to pentagon if you come down on the apple side or the android side. And just download the by U 957 and up. He gave them over gonna runner up. What part of you can listen Andy how any way any time on the jury didn't say that you said goodbye you know and 57 dot com and about water up to him what prescription missed. Our specialists that did. T. You've got your music go to new many other things that'll do it trust we'll chat again tomorrow morning at six. Here on by six ish. Yeah well why not Friday six it can come by united five points up.