When Your Kid Says WHAT?!

Hola Bitcholas, Let me start by saying that being a parent, being a father, while tedious, alarming, (exhausting and terrifying) is, ultimately, rewarding. You're always aware that you've done nothing so noble, important or selfless in your life before becoming a parent and that is the fuel that...
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Texas Mother Asks to Reschedule Solar Eclipse for Her Kids

We are one week away from the solar eclipse, and I am seeing more and more viewing parties popping up on Facebook. Well, one of those invites has gone viral becuase a Texas mom didn't understand that we couldn't tell the universe to reschedule the universe. One Texas woman was concerned about the...
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Sarahah, The Most Popular App Right Now, Is Incredibly Dangerous For Your Kids & Teens

It's about to become one of the most downloaded apps ever. However, it's so important that parents are aware of what is happening on the new anonymous rating app called Sarahah . In fact, it's probably on your teenager's phone right now, and experts say you need to pay attention to these warnings...
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